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The Noyes Family

cropped-mom1.jpgdadThe Noyes Family’s matriarch and patriarch are Mary L. Noyes and Stanley B. Noyes.  Together, Mary and Stan had eleven children.  Originally from the Chicago, Illinois area, the Noyes family moved to Clearwater, Florida in 1976.  Ever since then, the Noyes family has grown.  With spouses and kids and grandkids, what started out as two parents and eleven kids have grown to over 50 family members all over the country.

The Noyes Family Foundation

After the passing of both parents, the Noyes children wanted to put what their parents taught to good use.  Family was always important in the Noyes homes.  Giving back to others was a life lesson.  

As a result, in honor of their matriarch’s November birthday, the Noyes children began Operation Stone Soup in 2003 — an event that promotes both family and giving.  Each Thanksgiving, the Noyes family would buy all the ingredients for a big family Thanksgiving dinner, including a turkey, and give a care basket to less fortunate families.  The number of families that received these care baskets depended on how old Mary Noyes would have been on her November birthday.  Since she passed away when she was 75 years old, seventy-five families received the Noyes family care basket.  In 2018, Mary Noyes would have turned 90 years old so this Thanksgiving, the Noyes Family Foundation will be helping 90 families have a blessed Thanksgiving dinner.

In addition to annual Thanksgiving dinners, the Noyes family has carried on the “giving back” philosophy by promoting education and providing scholarships in memory of their mom. Mary Noyes taught music at St. Cecelia Interparochial Catholic School in Clearwater, Florida for 26 years.  There she taught some of her children and grandchildren.  Stan Noyes was an avid musician and could play just about any instrument.  We hope that the Noyes Family Foundation can carry on giving back through music and education scholarships.

For More Information

If you have questions for the Noyes Family Foundation or wish to assist us in our quest to make the world a better place by providing a tax-deductible donation (Noyes Family Foundation is a 501(c)(1) corporation and 100% of the donations go to helping other families), please email us at Family@noyesfamilyfoundation.com.  

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