Giving to Families

Family is everything to the Noyes family and reason why the Noyes Family Foundation was created.

Mary and Stan Noyes had 11 children and tNoyes Family Foundation statement on familyhose 11 children and their spouses have produced nearly forty children.  With such a big family, traditions and rituals are important to keeping the family and its values together.  Giving back to the community and caring for others are two values that Mary and Stan taught their kids which has continued to the next generation and generations to come.

With such a large family, the Noyes family often struggled financially, but family kept us together.  As we grow older, we see other families struggling financially and we want to help keep the families, and their traditions, together.  This is one reason we started Operation Stone Soup — so families can enjoy Thanksgiving dinner together.

Part of the Noyes Family Foundation’s mission statement is to help bring families closer together by example and offerings.  Click below to see how the Noyes Family Foundation is working to make this happen.

Noyes Family Foundation Feeds Homeless at Pinellas Hope

Operation Stone Soup 2018

Operation Stone Soup 2017

Operation Stone Soup 2016



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