Giving to Education

Education has always been important to the Noyes family and through the Noyes Family Foundation, we want to continue the legacy of dedication to education that our parents instilled in all of us.

Noyes Family Foundation dedication to students, teachers and education

Our matriarch, Mary L. Noyes, was a teacher at St. Cecelia Interparochial Catholic School in Clearwater, Florida before she passed away in 2003.  She taught many of her children and grandchildren while they attended St. Cecelia.  In addition, two siblings each at local high schools — Gabrielle has been teaching math at Clearwater Central Catholic High School for nearly two decades and Daniel has been teaching science at Jesuit High School in Tampa.  Daniel previously taught at Clearwater Central Catholic High School where he was his younger siblings’ teacher.  Both Gabrielle and Daniel have taught nieces and nephews.

Growing up in a teacher’s home, the Noyes family witnessed the dedication teachers have for their community and their students.  Countless hours of preparation were spent and many dollars were personally spent to provide for the needs of the students.

Part of the The Noyes Family Foundation’s mission statement is to help teachers and students create tomorrow’s leaders.  Through donations and events, the Noyes Family Foundation is giving back to the unsung heroes in our communities — teachers.

Check on the events below to see what Noyes Family Foundation is doing for education, teachers and students:

Noyes Family Foundation Gives to Local Music Teachers

Noyes Family Foundation Sponsors Notre Dame Vision Trip for One Student

Noyes Family Foundation Providing Care Packages to Teachers

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