Operation Stone Soup – 2021

Higher Prices and Shortages Can’t Stop This Family’s Thanksgiving Tradition of Helping Others in Memory of Mom’s Birthday

For 18 years, Mary Noyes’ 11 children and countless grandchildren have been honoring her memory and November 27th birthday by providing needing families with a grocery bag full of all the needs for a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner, including a turkey.  They didn’t let COVID-19 get in the way last year and won’t let higher prices and shortages get in the way this year.  This weekend, the Noyes family will be providing care packages to 93 families—in celebration of what would have been their mother’s 93th birthday this month.

Mary Noyes was the mother of 11 children and grandmother of 31.  Mary Noyes dedicated her life to helping others.  She was the music teacher at St. Cecelia School for 26 years where she taught some of her own children and even her grandchildren before she died from cancer in 2003 at the age of 75.  The year she died, her children began their own “Operation Stone Soup” project in her memory by feeding 75 family.  Every year since, the Noyes family has added one family in celebration of their Mom’s November 27th birthday.  This year, Mary Noyes would have turned 93 years old this year, so the family will help 93 families in need.

“Our mother taught us that we have two hands for a reason – one to reach out when in need and the other to extend out when others are in need,” said Matthew Noyes, one of Mary Noyes’ 11 children. “Operation Stone Soup gives these families the opportunity to use both hands – to reach out the Noyes family for help and then extend their hand to family or neighbors who otherwise may miss out on a Thanksgiving dinner.”

Photos from the 2021 Operation Stone Soup are below:


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