Noyes Family Foundation Gives Back to Local Music Teachers




Teachers are essential to the development of our kids.  Music teachers have a special challenge and traditional music education is being pushed out of schools.  However, there are many music teachers in local schools that remain dedication to keeping music in our schools and in the hearts of their students.

Recently, the Noyes Family Foundation thanked several local music teachers with a care package which included an Amazon Echo device for their classroom and a $100 gift certificate to Music in Motion – a company for classroom supplies dedicated to music teachers.  The teachers were wonderfully appreciative and we were blessed to see their smiles (and even some tears of happiness).

The matriarch of the Noyes Family – Mary L. Noyes – taught music almost all her life with the last 26 years at St. Cecelia Catholic School.  There, she taught some of their kids and many of her grandchild.  Stanley B. Noyes – the patriarch of the Noyes family — was also very musically talented.  He would play the piano as the Noyes kids gathered around and sang such songs as “Puff the Magic Dragon.”  He was also wonderful on the organ and guitar.

We are thankful for all teachers who dedicate their lives to making the world a better place by teaching our youth.  Whether you teach music, math, science or any class, we thank you!



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